Professor Mona Baker, Director

Expertise: Narrative theory, Contemporary protest movements, Corpus-based Studies, Journal editorship, Research training

Mona Baker is Professor Emeritus of Translation Studies at the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester, UK, Principal Investigator on the AHRC-funded project Genealogies of Knowledge: The Evolution and Contestation of Concepts across Time and Space, and co-editor, with Luis Pérez-González and Bolette Blaagaard of the Routledge series Critical Perspectives on Citizen Media. She is author of In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation (Routledge, 1992; second edition 2011) and Translation and Conflict: A Narrative Account (Routledge, 2006), Editor of Translating Dissent: Voices from and with the Egyptian Revolution (Routledge, 2016), Citizen Media and Public Spaces: Diverse Expressions of Citizenship and Dissent (co-edited with Bolette Blaagaard), the Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies (1998, 2001; second edition, co-edited with Gabriela Saldanha, 2009); Critical Concepts: Translation Studies (4 volumes, Routledge, 2009); and Critical Readings in Translation Studies (Routledge, 2010). Her articles have appeared in a wide range of international journals, including Social Movement Studies, Critical Studies on Terrorism, The Translator and Target. She is founding Editor of The Translator (St. Jerome Publishing, 1995-2013), former Editorial Director of St. Jerome Publishing (1995-2013), and founding Vice-President of IATIS, the International Association for Translation & Intercultural Studies (2004-2015). She posts on translation, citizen media and Palestine on her personal website,, and tweets at @MonaBaker11.

Professor Kaibao Hu, Executive Director

Expertise: Translation studies, Corpus-based translation studies, Language contact

HU Kaibao is Professor of Translation studies and Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He holds a doctorate in English Language and Literature from Nanjing University, China, and has taught a variety of subjects, including English-Chinese Translation, Translation Theory and Practice and Translation Criticism. His main research interests are translation studies, corpus-based translation studies and language contact. He has published widely on corpus-based translation studies and language contact, and has been involved for a number of years in the compilation of the English-Chinese Parallel Corpora of Shakespeare’s Plays and the Chinese-English Conference Interpreting Corpus. He is author of The Historical Text of English-Chinese Dictionaries and the Evolution of the Chinese Language (2005) and Introducing Corpus-based Translation Studies (2011), and editor of Translation and Interdisciplinary Studies and Critical Readings in Corpus-based Translation Studies.

Professor Yifan Zhu, Associate Director

Professor in Translation Studies and Linguistics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Yifan Zhu has a PhD in Linguistics with a specialization in translation and contrastive studies of Chinese and English. She teaches a wide range of subjects, including Translation Criticism and Theories of Translation and Interpreting. Her research interests focus on contrastive linguistics and corpus-based translation studies. Her articles have appeared in The Chinese Translators’ Journal, Journal of Foreign Languages, Journal of Foreign Language Teaching, Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages and Foreign Languages Research, among others. Her monograph Translation and the Evolvement of Modern Chinese (1905-1936) was published in 2011 by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.