Hotels near the venue


  1. Academic Activity Centre(Minhang Campus)

We recommend the Academic Activity Centre on Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

The Academic Activity Centre of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is located on the Minhang campus, close to the Zizhu high-tech park. It is adjacent to S4 Highway to the east and Metro Line 5 to the west, about 45 minutes’ drive to both Hongqiao Airport and Pudong Airport (depending on traffic).

Facilities and services such as all-weather central air conditioning, cable TV system, international and domestic long distance calls, wide-band, and safe deposit boxes are provided to make guests feel convenient, comfortable and warm.

It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the Academic Activity Centre to the conference venue.


Reference price:

Room type Price
Twin room (with two beds for 2 persons) RMB 340-399
Business room RMB 699-800 (only a few rooms available)

Tel: +86(0)21-54740800

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If the rooms in the Academic Activity Centre on campus have been fully booked, we advise you to look for hotels in the nearby off-campus area on Ctrip.


  1. Other hotels OFF campus


Some other hotels can be found OFF campus, which you can book on Ctrip by yourself. Website of Ctrip:


  1. JI Hotel (Shanghai Jiao Tong University Dongchuan Road) (全季酒店,上海交大东川路店)
  2. JinJiang Inn (Shanghai Minhang Dongchuan Road)(锦江之星,上海闵行东川路店)
  3. Htinns (Shanghai Huming Road Nan)(汉庭酒店,上海交大沪闵路店)
  4. Shanghai Hhuhua International Hotel(上海沪华国际大酒店)
  5. Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel-Minhang(上海锦江都城闵行饭店)
  6. Crown Hotel(上海皇程假日酒店)
  7. Manhattan Hotel (Shanghai Minhang)(曼哈顿酒店,上海闵行店)
  8. Shanghai Faculty Center(上海教师之家宾馆)
  9. Shanghai Huhua Hotel(沪华国际大酒店,上海吴泾店)
  10. Haizhou Hotel(上海海州大酒店)


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